Leadership Skills and Executive Presence

This Stand & Deliver seminar series is conducted over the course of 6 to 12 months, with participants meeting for five or six seminars and will focus on overall leadership skills and “executive presence”, while highlighting tangible tools and skills that will help the people on your team more effectively present themselves and represent your organization.

Conducted in a small group format, with no more than 8 to 10 participants per group, this seminar series is “hands on” and practical. The Stand & Deliver team will work closely with your organization to fully customize the sessions so they meet the unique needs of your team.

This will include developing realistic  building, leadership and communication role-plays and scenarios that will help participants put what they are learning into practice immediately.

The goal of this seminar series is to provide participants with the communication and leadership tools necessary to help them reach the organization’s goal of meeting and exceeding customer expectations and improving productivity.

At the conclusion of these sessions, participants will have the tools necessary to:

  • better share valuable information with their colleagues
  • learn how their communication style affects the functioning of their team
  • deal with and confront performance issues of team members
  • contribute to an open, supportive environment that is conducive to team building
  • more effectively coach and mentor others on their team
  • learn how they are leading change within their organization
  • actively participate in conversation through being a more active and engaged listener
  • bring technology and personal communication together to build relationships with their team
  • communicate in a more clear and concise fashion
  • set the tone for more upbeat and positive meetings
  • create “goal-oriented” agendas that are concise and realistic