Leading Meetings People Actually Want To Go To (And Get Something Out Of!)

Let's face it, most meetings can be deadly. They often go on too long, aren't focused and sometimes aren't really necessary. Why not make this valuable time as productive as possible?

This Stand & Deliver seminar will allow participants to actually facilitate meetings that focus on realistic and challenging workplace issues and situations. These meeting "scenarios" are played out in a supportive and encouraging environment with seminar participants providing constructive feedback to each other.

Not only will you benefit by learning new communication and facilitation tools and techniques, but your organization will immediately see the results from this Stand & Deliver workshop at your next meeting. Specifically, participants will learn how to:

  • create "goal-oriented" agendas that are concise and realistic
  • promote interaction by strategically arranging the meeting room
  • reach the objectives of the meeting by setting boundaries for discussion
  • lead the group through controversial or emotional issues
  • become more attentive to each person's comments through active listening techniques
  • engage the group through use of open-ended and rhetorical questions
  • simplify complex information using easy to understand charts, visuals and handouts
  • summarize key points and decisions reached during meetings