Reaching Your Leadership and Communication Potential

Steve Adubato conducts executive coaching for a variety of clients ranging from CEOs to middle managers, from athletes to investment bankers, from magazine publishers to sales executives. Steve's coaching is aimed at helping individuals reach their communication and leadership potential in dealing with difficult, hard to overcome challenges. Stand & Deliver's approach is hands-on, practical and customized to the needs of the individual client. Our executive coaching can take place on site at your organization or at the Stand & Deliver central office in Montclair, NJ, whichever better meets your needs.

The number of face-to-face and telephone coaching sessions as well as the specific focus of the coaching is customized for each individual client. Following is an outline of a standard executive coaching package:

  • Five or six, face-to-face coaching sessions (approximately 3-4 weeks apart)
  • Unlimited e-mail consultation to follow-up and stay focused on "action items" generated from the coaching sessions
  • Development of a customized leadership and strategic communication coaching program and action plan for each coaching client
  • Customized print materials
  • On-going written assessments submitted to each individual after every coaching session
  • Final assessment report which includes suggested areas for improvement and future professional development and training
  • Topics covered include leadership and management skills, conflict resolution, effective listening, communication excellence, reaching "common ground" and the connection between having a positive attitude and individual and organizational productivity. More specifically, this communication and leadership skills executive coaching initiative will help individual clients on how to:
    • be a more persuasive, compelling and concise communicator in any setting
    • embrace a more positive attitude to become a more effective leader
    • contribute to an open, supportive environment that is conducive to team building
    • improve the quality of relationships both internally within your organization and externally with clients
    • better share important and relevant information with other members on your team
    • set realistic goals to become better organized and more proactive within the organization
    • create opportunities for yourself and members on your team to "buy in" to the bigger organizational picture