book lessonsIn this practical guide, Emmy Award-winning public broadcasting anchor Steve Adubato, teaches readers to be self-aware, empathetic, and more effective leaders at work and at home. His powerful case studies spotlighting dozens of leaders are complemented by concrete tips and tools based in real-life scenarios. With Lessons in Leadership, readers can learn to:

          •  lead others through difficult economic time

          •  mentor rising leaders

            provide straight talk to underperforming employees, and

          •  how to lead a company through a significant change.


In Lessons in Leadership, Adubato synthesizes more than fifteen years of experience writing about leadership in his syndicated column for the New Jersey Star-Ledger, and more recently in numerous business publications. He incorporates lessons he has learned from his coaching with dozens of CEOs and leaders as well as from running his own organization in the arena of public broadcasting for over twenty-five years.


The result is a compelling book that analyzes high-profile leadership successes and failures—such as Tom Brady and the New England Patriots’ response to “Deflate-Gate” and Hillary Clinton’s controversial use of a private email server—as well as unlikely sources such as the Jack Black film School of Rock.

The book will guide not only aspiring leaders who are just entering the workforce but also experienced leaders who are committed to being lifelong learners.


Lessons in Leadership offers lasting leadership strategies that all leaders can implement in different industries and stages of life—both professionally and personally.


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Lessons in Leadership Reveals How Great Leaders are Forged by Life’s Experiences

Just as iron needs to be heated up and hammered into shape, great leaders are formed by real-life challenges that test their mettle. To be tough enough to lead means you must be willing to learn from both your mentors and your mistakes. These are two key takeaways from Lessons in Leadership... Continue reading


Observer Politicker croppedAdubato’s Lessons in Leadership: Examining the Character of Real Command

In his new book, Lessons in Leadership, NJTV host Steve Adubato, Jr. provides a blueprint for the wise use of power, drawing on multiple examples from public life to make an argument for leadership as a delicate and critical balancing act... Continue reading



Praise for Lessons in Leadership

"Often finding an answer is all about asking the right questions. Adubato applies this process to the challenges of being a leader. By looking at contemporary political and cultural situations, Steve isolates pivotal moments where different aspects of leadership were demanded, and shows what did and did not work. Very helpful!"

— Chris Cuomo, Anchor, CNN and formerly ABC News

Seton Hall University
"Steve Adubato’s emphasis on asking the right questions and truly listening is spot-on! He underscores that these behaviors are essential for leading organizations that are effective and ethical--just brilliant!"

— Karen E. Boroff, PhD, Professor and Dean Emeritus, Seton Hall University and Visiting Professor, United States Military Academy

Valley National Bank
"As with Steve Adubato’s other books, his latest book, Lessons in Leadership, is filled with great insight and offers many useful lessons for anyone wishing to enhance their leadership skills."

  — Gerald H. Lipkin, Former Chairman, President and CEO, Valley Bank

Thirteen Pbs
"The next generation won’t be able to succeed without strong leadership skills. Steve Adubato’s practical advice, personal experience, and thoughtful analysis are an invaluable resource to today’s business community and to the next generation of leaders."

— Neal Shapiro, President & CEO, WNET (PBS)

NJ Resources
"Steve Adubato possesses one of the most inquisitive and insightful minds today, and his look at Lessons in Leadership is engaging, thoughtful and relevant for every type of leader, from the aspiring to the accomplished. Any one reading this book will benefit from the lessons and real-life scenarios detailed herein and foster a greater understanding of the complex nature of leadership."

Laurence M. Downes, Former Chairman and CEO, New Jersey Resources

NY Giants
"I guarantee you that Steve Adubato will challenge your assumptions and viewpoints, while providing practical teaching and real-life insights to improve your perofmrance as a leader. I've always thought of Steve as business coach who knows how to win. Enjoy the book!"

— Mike Stevens ,SVP, Chief Marketing Officer, New York Giants


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