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Each week, author, Emmy Award-winning anchor, motivational speaker and leadership guru, Steve Adubato, PhD, is joined by his co-host and executive producer, Mary Gamba, to offer valuable tips and tools for leaders of all stripes. On Steve Adubato’s Lessons in Leadership, you will find, not only candid and relevant conversation, but you will also hear valuable insight from the country’s most experienced and successful leaders.

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Steve and Mary created their firm, Stand & Deliver, nearly 20 years ago, providing engaging and dynamic leadership seminars and customized executive performance coaching for a variety of organizations who today sing the praises of Stand & Deliver.  Based on Steve’s most recent book Lessons in Leadership, this radio show, podcast and now video series will help you reach your leadership potential.  Tune in and check it out, because as Steve says…great leaders are lifelong learners.

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“Stand & Deliver is a first-rate leadership development firm and we are proud that Prager Metis is a lead sponsor of the Lessons in Leadership video podcast with Steve Adubato and his colleague Mary Gamba.”

Glenn Friedman, CEO, Prager Metis

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What People are Saying About Steve Adubato's Lessons in Leadership with Co-Host with Mary Gamba

“One of the truest qualities of a leader is the ability to recognize what you don’t know, then to open yourself up to listening, learning, and adapting. What I appreciate most about “Lessons in Leadership” and my firm’s broader partnership with the organization is the range of platforms Steve provides to leaders of every stripe, in every industry and sector throughout the state, to offer their unique insight on business, strategy, and leadership. Given the variety of experience, perspective, and achievement on display, ‘Lessons in Leadership’ is the ideal outlet for both seasoned and up-and-coming leaders to discover something they don’t know – and to listen, learn, and adapt those lessons to the leadership of their own organizations.”

- Patrick C. Dunican Jr., Chairman and Managing Director, Gibbons P.C.

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In this special mini-series, "Lessons in Leadership: Innovation in the Age of COVID-19", Steve Adubato and his co-host, Mary Gamba, are joined by leaders of all stripes discussing “best practices” during these most challenging and difficult times. These leaders share the lessons they have learned while leading and communicating during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Lessons in Leadership: In-Studio Interviews