A Powerful Presentation Skills Seminar

This Make the Connection seminar is dynamic, “hands-on”, and will dramatically change the way you talk, listen, and connect with others. It will teach seminar participants that being a truly great communicator is not simply about being naturally articulate or being a “good talker.” It is not about fancy visuals and dry PowerPoint presentations, or hard-core sales pitches, or who does a “data dump” with tons of facts, figures, and technical wizardry. What really counts is making an authentic connection with other people that comes not merely from the head but from the heart.

If you want to make a lasting impact, the Make the Connection seminar will show you how to engage people through empathy and understanding, how to be a great listener, and how to make an audience -- whether one, one hundred, or one thousand people - genuinely care about you and your message. We will help you to rely less on written speeches, teleprompters, and index cards full of too much forgettable information, and learn, instead, how to tell a compelling story, use relevant examples and analogies and create excitement and enthusiasm. You will learn how to:

  • Lecture less and engage more
  • Develop a conversational style
  • Identify a powerful message
  • Connect with your audience on a personal level
  • Make effective use of eye contact
  • Motivate and persuade your audience

The Make the Connection seminar will not only make it easier for you to communicate your message without being ignored or misunderstood; it will also improve your relationships with other people and help you to become more productive at work -- with more satisfaction and less stress. It will make you rethink the way you prepare for upcoming presentations. It will dramatically change the way you talk, listen and connect with others. The results will be tangible and immediate.