Steve Adubato’s Leadership Hour continues with Steve talking with Neal Shapiro, President and CEO, WNET, about the connection between teamwork and trust when it comes to leadership. Neal says the best leaders have a clear vision for the future and the importance of embracing and leading change.

In the second half of Steve Adubato’s Leadership Hour, Steve is joined by the following guests on State of Affairs with Steve Adubato:

Steve Adubato sits down with Ryan Haygood, President and CEO, New Jersey Institute for Social Justice, to explore three major policy concerns that have not been addressed by Governor Murphy and shares how legalizing cannabis could help level the economic playing field for African American in NJ.

As part of our Future of Healthcare series, Steve Adubato and John Jacobi, Professor of Health, Law and Policy at Seton Hall Law School, discuss problems with getting access to appropriate care, issues within the Medicaid system and the state’s regulatory structure to treat mental and substance abuse disorders in a primary care setting.

Senator Steven Oroho (R) – NJ, 24th Legislative District, and Steve Adubato talk about the challenges making NJ more affordable and attractive to invest in, the benefits of municipal consolidation and thoughts on President Trump’s time in office thus far.