The first half of Steve Adubato’s Leadership Hour features Steve talking with Marsha Atkind, Executive Director and CEO, The Healthcare Foundation of New Jersey. In this compelling discussion, Marsha shares the importance of asking questions and also being willing to learn and listen to others.

In the second half of Steve Adubato’s Leadership Hour, Steve is joined by the following guests on State of Affairs with Steve Adubato:

Greg Lalevee, Business Manager, International Union of Operating Engineers Local 825, and Steve Adubato discuss the integration of artificial intelligence in the construction industry; the importance of keeping the Transportation Trust funded and improving infrastructure; and projections for 2019.

Steve Adubato sits down with Zakiya Smith Ellis, New Jersey’s Secretary of Higher Education, to explore the issues of affordability of higher education, the brain drain and the racial inequality gap.

Senator Michael Doherty (R) – NJ, 23rd Legislative District, shares with Steve Adubato what it’s like to be Trump’s most vocal supporter in New Jersey and his thoughts on the way President Trump has handled issues in the country thus far.