by Steve Adubato, PhD

I joined my New Jersey Capitol Report co-anchor, Rafael Pi Roman, and the terrific MetroFocus team this past week to provide analysis on Hurricane Sandy recovery efforts 3 years after this devastating storm hit our region. Let us never forget that tens of thousands of home owners and business owners, especially at the Jersey Shore, have been unable to return to anything like their pre-Sandy lives.

Government red tape, complicated flood insurance forms, confusing bureaucratic procedures from FEMA, the State Department of Community Affairs, and HUD (Housing and Urban Development) are just part of the problem.

While it's easy to point fingers and assign blame, that won't put people back in their homes. One way to make a big difference is for the rest of us who haven't suffered in the same way from Sandy to ask ourselves what we owe our fellow New Jerseyans, as well as those in New York, who have done nothing to deserve this devastating fate. It could have been any one of us.

I say we owe them. Not just compassion and empathy or feeling sorry for them, but something more. We owe them a helping hand. So while government officials continue to trip over themselves, mired in red tape, let's help our friends and neighbors in need. Go online and google this: "How can I help the victims of Hurricane Sandy?" You will be amazed at what comes up. Then pick an organization and a cause that makes sense for you and your family and do something.

Bottom line? If you were on the other end, three years after a storm and unable to return to your home, would you want anything less? As for my team, we're dedicating a day of service to a non-profit that is directly helping Sandy victims, especially as the holidays approach.

Steve Adubato Joins MetroFocus to Discuss Hurricane Sandy Recovery