by Steve Adubato, PhD

In a chapter from my newest book, “Lessons in Leadership,” I share the stories of three very special people who faced very difficult and challenging circumstances. Yet, each of these extraordinary people chose to rise above their individual obstacle and made not only the best of the situation but, in fact, turned it into a positive.

One of these leaders is Eric LeGrand, former Rutgers University football standout, who was paralyzed after a devastating hit on the football field in 2010. For many, it’s inconceivable that in the blink of an eye, a strapping, strong, fit, and extremely young athlete would go from the top of his game to being paralyzed in a wheelchair. But here’s the thing about attitude. It can help you do things that otherwise seem improbable, if not impossible.

In my recent public television interview with Eric LeGrand, broadcast on PBS as well as on FiOS1, we discuss his positive "can do" attitude as well as the biggest Lesson in Leadership he has learned.

To watch this inspiring half-hour edition of One-on-One on, click here.

Eric LeGrand, former Rutgers University football player and motivational speaker shares his Lesson in Leadership about the power of a positive attitude.