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The first half hour of Steve Adubato’s Leadership Hour is based on Steve Adubato’s most recent book, Lessons in Leadership, and will feature Steve, Mary Gamba, Steve's colleague from his leadership firm Stand & Deliver, and a variety of successful leaders, sharing relevant and practical leadership tips, tools and advice. These conversations are essential for leaders of all stripes looking to become more productive, strategic and impactful at work and at home.

The second half of Steve Adubato’s Leadership Hour, featuring State of Affairs with Steve Adubato, a highly-acclaimed public affairs series also broadcast on public television, will explore the critical issues that impact New Jersey and the tri-state region through compelling interviews with leaders in state and federal government as well as business and non-profit sector leaders.

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"Steve Adubato’s Leadership Hour" continues with Steve talking with Marjorie Perry, President and CEO, MZM Construction and Management, about leadership. Marjorie says the best leaders never see success as final because there is no end to evolving in a leadership role.

In the second half of Steve Adubato’s Leadership Hour, Steve is joined by the following guests on State of Affairs with Steve Adubato:

Patricia Teffenhart, MPA, Executive Director, New Jersey Coalition Against Sexual Assault, discusses the current system in NJ for handling sexual assault cases. Teffenhart also explalins a new legislation known as “Erin’s Law” which incorporates sexual abuse prevention and awareness education into NJ Student Learning Standards.

Steve Adubato talks with Jim McGreevey, Former Governor of New Jersey & Chairman, New Jersey Reentry Corporation about the rapid increase of opioid-related deaths in New Jersey and strategies to stop the increase.

Steve Adubato goes on-location to the 2018 NJEA Convention to speak with Ed Richardson, Executive Director of the New Jersey Education Association, about the ways he believes education has positively improved in the last year under the Governor Murphy administration; the political discourse in our nation and its effect on schools; and the NJEA’s priority to ensure safety for children and staff members.