Steve Adubato, Ph.D. is an Emmy Award-winning anchor on the PBS flagship station Thirteen/WNET in New York, media analyst and syndicated columnist. He is also the best selling author of four books, a distinguished university lecturer at NYU and professional communications coach whose company Stand & Deliver offers invaluable workshops and executive one-on-one coaching. As a media and communication expert, Steve has appeared on the TODAY Show, CNN, FOX News, MSNBC and FOX5 in New York. He has been a guest host on WOR 710, the top talk radio station in the country, and is a regular contributor to AM970 The Answer in New York.

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Steve Adubato was featured in a Commerce Magazine cover story.

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  • Steve Adubato’s 12 Keys to Making the Connection

    1. Attitude is everything!

    2. Tap into your passion

    3. Be in the moment…”Auto-pilot” is your enemy

    4. Engage…Don’t lecture

    5. Be clear and concise…Get to the point!

    6. Relax…Everyone gets nervous speaking in public

    7. Admit mistakes and apologize…Quickly

    8. Listen…Really listen!

    9. Confront…But don’t be nasty or negative

    10. Care…It’s about them, not you

    11. Think relationships…Not sales

    12. Accept feedback…It’s a gift (even if it hurts)
  • 10 Keys to Leadership in Challenging Times

    1. Remember, ATTITUDE is just about EVERYTHING for a leader when times get tough. (If you look defeated or pessimistic, then you are ¾ of the way there.)

    2. State the CHALLENGE or problem in CLEAR, unambiguous language (Don’t sugar coat it!) Then, give concise direction as to what needs to be done and why.

    3. Communicate a sense of URGENCY…without PANIC.

    4. Be a FACILITATOR, not a dictator. (Run meetings, have conversations and send e-mail that get “other people talking.”)

    5. Make hard DECISIONS instead of waiting until you get “all the information” (Because there is no such thing.)

    6. Be PREPARED to be unpopular. GREAT leadership can be lonely.

    7. Decide who is IN and who should be OUT, and then execute. (Carrying people who are “dead weight” will make the challenge even greater.)

    8. See the challenge as an OPPORTUNITY to recognize and REWARD the “leaders” on your team.

    9. If you don’t know, say so. (Leaders aren’t supposed to have all the answers and faking it is dangerous.)

    10. Connect the dots…ALWAYS…
      Connect the Dots!
  • YOU Are the Brand…
    Because your reputation is all you’ve got

    • Provide EXCEPTIONAL customer service that causes people to remember WHO you are and WHY you matter.


    • Even in a high-tech world, quality “FACE TIME” is still the BEST way to build your brand.

    • Develop a CATCHY but substantive SLOGAN that reflects your business philosophy.

    • Exude confidence that what you offer has value…DON’T BE SHY.

    • Ensure your website clearly reflects WHO you are and HOW you help others…specifically.

    • See every presentation as an OPPORTUNITY to CONNECT with your audience and help them see how YOU can help THEM.

    • Write an article, with your photo, mini-bio, website and e-mail, that offers CONCRETE SOLUTIONS to industry challenges.

    • Build and constantly update an electronic database of clients and prospects and SHARE relevant information on a regular basis.

    • While promoting YOUR brand, always remember…it’s about THEM—not YOU!


Steve Adubato's Stand & Deliver is a dynamic professional development, training and executive coaching company designed to unlock your full potential as a compelling communicator and a more effective and persuasive leader. The program is geared toward improving skills in delivering speeches, making presentations, leading and managing your organization or team, dealing with the media, running better meetings and "actively" listening. We work with professionals in all walks of life from CEOs to middle managers, from athletes to investment bankers.

Steve Adubato’s fifth book titled, Lessons in Leadership, will be released in fall 2016!

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Lessons in Leadership
“I guarantee you that Steve will challenge your assumptions and viewpoints, while providing practical teaching and real-life insights to improve your performance as a leader. I’ve always thought of Steve as business coach who knows how to win. Enjoy the book!”
Mike Stevens, SVP, Chief Marketing Officer, New York Giants

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Steve Adubato interviews inspirational leader Eric LeGrand for a special half-hour edition of One-on-One.
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Steve Adubato PhD and Kevin Rendino, Partners for Health, are honored as 'Exceptional People Impacting Our Communities'
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Steve's Other Books

"A good keynote speaker can usually inform or entertain. Steve is one of the very rare great speakers who can do both."
George Taber, Former President, NJBIZ

"Steve's workshops offered an energized, interactive approach to team building and presentation skills. His methods empower employees and his message in the workshops is reinforced in his books."
Michael R. D'Agnes, President and CEO, Raritan Bay Medical Center

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