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The first half hour of Steve Adubato’s Leadership Hour is based on Steve Adubato’s most recent book, Lessons in Leadership, and will feature Steve, Mary Gamba, Steve's colleague from his leadership firm Stand & Deliver, and a variety of successful leaders, sharing relevant and practical leadership tips, tools and advice. These conversations are essential for leaders of all stripes looking to become more productive, strategic and impactful at work and at home.

The second half of Steve Adubato’s Leadership Hour, featuring Think Tank with Steve Adubato: The Podcast, highlights the best conversations from Think Tank, One-on-One, and State of Affairs. Steve Adubato sits down with high-profile thought leaders, innovators, and experts. The podcast explores the critical issues, trends, and challenges facing our nation today.

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In the next installment of “Steve Adubato’s Leadership Hour,” Valerie Simon, Chief Marketing Officer at Atlantic Health, describes the importance of leaders practicing strategic thinking.

As part of our Future of Innovation series, Steve Adubato talks with Jose Lozano, President & CEO of Choose New Jersey, on ways to attract new businesses to New Jersey, enrich innovation in the state and the role of tax incentives to improve the state’s economy.

Steve Adubato is joined by Senator Ronald L. Rice (D) - NJ to examine the controversy over legalizing recreational marijuana in New Jersey and the obstacles preventing the bill from moving forward.

Steve Adubato talks to Amol Sinha, Executive Director, ACLU-NJ, about the complex road to legalizing marijuana, political spending issues, and the concerns with solitary confinement restrictions in New Jersey prisons.